Online Pind Daan

Living Abroad or not able to visit Gaya ?

The Online Pind daan facility is ideal for Non Resident Indian residing abroad or find it difficult to visit Gaya ji Dham in person to offer Pind Daan to your ancestors. We understand you are eager to offer Pind Daan to your ancestors but you not able to visit Gaya ji, no problem, we are happy to assist you in this situation.

All you need to do is to take a Sankalp (Oath) with our priest at Gaya ji and we will perform all the rituals and prayers for your ancestors on your behalf. After the completion of the ritual, the materials like Video clips, photographs will be delivered to your address and will be accessible to you in the Gallery of Gayajidham.

As per scriptures the ritual can be performed in your name with the execution of the Sankalp. With execution of the Sankalp, ritual performed will be believed as if you are performing the ritual by yourself, and the benefits will be same as if you do in person by visiting Gaya ji.

Procedure for Online Pind Daan

  • Book an appointment for the Online Pind daan
  • Our Priest will perform a Sankalp over telecon
  • Photograph of the ancestor for whom Pind Daan will be performed.

All the rituals will be filmed and shared with you in the Gallery. If there is any particular process in your family, we will include your traditional belief.

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